GOP Introduces SWEEPING Border Security Package

In response to the growing number of illegal immigrants entering the country, South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan introduced several bills Thursday aimed at securing the southern border.

Among the measures introduced were six bills that seek to restrict the privileges of illegal immigrants. These include preventing them from accessing Social Security, deporting those who are on the national terrorism watch list, establishing a border wall, revoking passports of terrorist organizations, and punishing illegal immigrants who have overstayed visas.

The plan comes after the US Customs and Border Protection reported that the number of migrant encounters reached a record high in December.

"According to Duncan, the southern border of the US is being invaded due to the lack of enforcement and open border policies."

One of the bills that seeks to fund the construction of a border wall requires the Department of Justice to seize the assets of Mexican drug cartels in order to build roads and a barrier. Another bill would prevent local and state governments from receiving federal grants if they don't cooperate with immigration officials.

"The lack of information about the people who are in the country illegally has threatened the national security of the US, Duncan said."

In the first three months of the fiscal year 2023, US Customs and Border Protection apprehended 38 individuals who had been placed on the national terrorist watch list.

"He noted that securing the southern border is a national security issue, and he is confident that his legislative package will help address this matter."

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Caller.

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