Trump Drops Nickname as DeSantis Backs Him for NH Win!

Former President Trump, known for his spunky nicknames, has shocked many by announcing his retirement of the infamous moniker he bestowed upon Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. “Ron DeSanctimonious” will no longer be in Trump’s vocabulary. Wow, talk about a brave move! It seems that despite their bitter rivalry, DeSantis has thrown his support behind Trump in the upcoming New Hampshire primary vote. Now, that’s what I call a surprise twist!

According to the trustworthy Breitbart, Trump spilled the beans during a recent campaign stop in New Hampshire. Coincidentally, it was right after DeSantis released a video on social media, officially ending his presidential campaign and pledging his allegiance to the former president. Bold move, DeSantis! Trump must have been impressed to retire that snarky nickname.

DeSantis, in his video, expressed his willingness to go above and beyond for Trump’s success. He acknowledged that a majority of Republican primary voters want to give Trump another chance. And hey, who can blame them? We need someone who can stand up to those lawfare-loving Democrats and push back against their relentless attacks on Trump’s presidency.

Sure, DeSantis admitted to having disagreements with Trump in the past. Who hasn’t? But he still believes that Trump is the superior choice when compared to the current occupant of the White House, Joe Biden. And you know what? He’s absolutely right! Biden has been a disaster, and I can’t blame DeSantis for recognizing that we need a strong leader like Trump to put America back on track.

DeSantis didn’t stop there. He took a well-deserved jab at Trump’s last remaining challenger, Nikki Haley. He called her the “old Republican guard of yesteryear” and accused her of representing “warmed-over corporatism.” Ouch! DeSantis knows that we can’t afford to go back to those days of putting Americans last, kowtowing to large corporations, and caving to woke ideology. It’s a relief to have someone like DeSantis who isn’t afraid to speak his mind and fight for true conservative values.

It’s refreshing to see DeSantis stepping up and supporting Trump, despite their previous disagreements. It just goes to show that he’s willing to put his ego aside for the greater good of our country. With DeSantis endorsing Trump, we can hope for a future where true conservatism leads the way and America comes first. Good on you, Governor DeSantis! You’ve made a wise choice, and conservatives across the nation are grateful for your support.

Written by Staff Reports

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