Trump Eyes ND Gov Burgum: Dream Team 2024 in the Making?

Former President Donald Trump, the GOP’s shining star, recently took Iowa by storm. With his status as the probable GOP nominee solidified, all eyes are eagerly waiting to see who his running mate will be. According to the ever-reliable Fox News, Trump hasn’t officially announced his pick, but he has been dropping hints left and right about potential members of his administration.

One of the candidates Trump seems to have his eye on is North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum. Trump showcased his fondness for Burgum during a rally and praised his exceptional qualities. Apparently, Burgum had previously supported Trump during his earlier adventures in the political arena, proving he has good taste.

In Trump’s own words, “This guy is the most solid guy. There’s no controversy whatsoever. And he’s one of the best governors in our country.” High praise indeed! Trump seems eager to have Burgum be a crucial part of his administration, hinting at possible roles should he secure victory in November.

The endorsement from Burgum himself came the day before Trump mentioned him at the rally, urging the Republican party to unite behind the former president. It’s a clear message to those still on the fence that Trump has the support of influential figures in the GOP.

Of course, not everyone was thrilled about the prospect of Burgum serving in Trump’s administration. Social media predictably exploded with mixed reactions. Some speculated about which role Burgum might fill, with one user suggesting he could become the Secretary of Agriculture. Others weren’t so thrilled, claiming he was a “Bill Gates stooge.” Well, you can’t please everyone!

In the end, only time will reveal where Burgum ends up if Trump emerges victorious. Trump has made similar promises to other former rivals, leaving many wondering who will make the final cut. It’s an exciting time for the GOP, with Trump leading the charge and assembling a dream team to administer America.


Written by Staff Reports

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