Trump Eyes Whatley for RNC Chair: A Win for Election Integrity

Former President Donald Trump has his eye on the North Carolina GOP chairman, Michael Whatley, to potentially succeed RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel if she steps down. Reports suggest that McDaniel has informed Trump of her intention to resign after the South Carolina primary. Whatley, who is currently the battleground state’s Republican Party chairman, is believed to be Trump’s preferred choice for the position. This comes as no surprise as Whatley has been a strong advocate for election integrity and was a key player in securing victories for Trump and other Republicans in North Carolina during the 2020 elections.

Whatley’s leadership in North Carolina, a crucial swing state that Trump narrowly won in 2020, has caught Trump’s attention. The former president admires Whatley’s tenacity and commitment to the party’s cause. With the upcoming November elections in mind, Trump sees Whatley as a “stop the steal guy” who can effectively lead the RNC and ensure election integrity. It’s no secret that Trump believes the previous election was stolen, and he wants someone who shares his views to lead the party.

It is refreshing to see someone like Whatley, who is unafraid to challenge the Democrats’ interference in the election process. Whatley’s proactive approach, such as the creation of an Election Integrity Committee, shows his dedication to ensuring that Republicans have a fair chance in the electoral process. His efforts have not gone unnoticed, as Trump has consistently led Biden in North Carolina polls for this election cycle, according to RealClearPolitics. With Whatley at the helm of the RNC, Republicans can feel confident in their chances of success in the upcoming elections.

Whatley’s experience and qualifications make him a strong candidate for the RNC chairmanship. He has served in various positions, including working on George W. Bush’s recount effort and serving as a senior official in Bush’s administration. Whatley’s education background, with degrees from prestigious institutions like the University of Notre Dame and Wake Forest University, further solidifies his credentials.

While Trump’s endorsement will undoubtedly carry weight, it is important to note that a special election would need to take place for all 168 RNC members to vote on a new chair. However, with Trump’s influence and Whatley’s track record, it seems highly likely that he would receive broad support within the party.

Overall, the potential appointment of Michael Whatley as RNC chairman is a promising development for Republicans. His dedication to election integrity and proven leadership in North Carolina make him an excellent choice. With Whatley at the helm, Republicans will have a strong advocate who will fight to ensure that their voices are heard and that the party continues to thrive.

Written by Staff Reports

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