2024 Gaza Image Exposed: Old News, New Lies!

Here we go again with another misleading image making the rounds on social media. This time, it claims to show Gaza hospitals with premature babies in the year 2024. But don’t be fooled, folks! This image may be genuine, but it’s not at all related to the current Israeli invasion of Gaza. Can we get some fact-checking, please?

According to Check Your Fact, the image in question is actually from 2017. That’s right, three whole years before the supposed timeline of this so-called “2024” image. Talk about fake news! So, let’s all take a deep breath and calm down. The situation may be tense, but we don’t need to spread false information to make it worse.

Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t any premature babies in Gaza. The United Nations has reported that thousands of premature babies have been born in what they call the “hell” of Gaza. And if you ask me, that sounds absolutely heartbreaking. But we need to focus on the facts, people. This image is not one of those babies.

You know, it’s funny how people will go to such lengths to push their own agendas. This image was shared with a caption that read, “Premature babies at Gaza Hospitals cry desperately for help, as hospitals run out of oxygen.” Sounds very dramatic, doesn’t it? But it’s all smoke and mirrors, my friends. The image may be emotional, but it doesn’t match the current reality.

To add insult to injury, the Senate recently unveiled a national security supplemental package that includes $10 billion for humanitarian aid to Gaza, Ukraine, and the West Bank. So, while we should be focusing on the actual help that is being provided, some people are more interested in spreading misleading images on social media. It’s truly mind-boggling.

Let’s all take a moment to think critically before we hit that “share” button, shall we? It’s important to remember that our actions have consequences, especially in the age of social media. And let’s not forget, the media has a responsibility to fact-check and report accurately. Journalism should be about the truth, not sensationalism.


Written by Staff Reports

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