Trump Hit With 4th Indictment: Fight Back, GOP!

Late on Monday evening, in what can only be described as the never-ending witch hunt against former President Donald Trump, he was indicted for the fourth time. This time, in the great state of Georgia, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis accused him of participating in a broad racketeering conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election results. Can you believe it? They just can’t get enough of going after him!

In his first televised interview following the Georgia indictment, Trump didn’t hold back. He called the charges a “horrible thing for the country” and rightfully pointed out that this is just another attempt by the Democrats to bring him down. And he’s not wrong! These politically motivated attacks are getting out of control, and Trump urged his fellow Republicans to stand up and fight back. It’s about time they show some backbone!

During his interview with Fox Business host Larry Kudlow, Trump made it clear that he sees these indictments for what they are: a continuation of the witch hunt. He didn’t mince words when he called the prosecutors “sick people” who have no clue how the world works. He’s absolutely right! These prosecutors are more interested in publicity and fundraising than actually serving justice.

And it’s not just the multiple indictments that Trump is facing that discredits everything. It’s the fact that while he’s being persecuted for retaining government documents, President Joe Biden gets a free pass for doing the same thing. The double standard is appalling! Trump also pointed out the suppression of Republicans’ voices when it comes to the 2020 election. If you dare to question the results, they want to throw you in jail. It’s a disgrace!

But let’s not forget about Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Trump didn’t hold back when he called her a “racist and corrupt” prosecutor. And he’s not wrong! Just take a look at the crime levels in Fulton County. It’s a mess! Instead of focusing on the real issues, like the people who rigged the election, Willis decides to go after Trump. It’s just another example of the failures of Crooked Joe Biden’s leadership.

In the end, Trump made it clear that Republicans need to get tougher. They can’t let the Democrats get away with these politically motivated attacks. If they don’t stand up and fight, there won’t be much of a Republican Party left. And that would be a real shame because Republicans have a lot to offer this country. It’s time they start fighting for what they believe in and stop being pushed around. Go get ’em, Republicans!

Written by Staff Reports

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