Trump Lawyer Slams Georgia Indictment as Peak Desperation!

Alina Habba, the top attorney representing former President Donald Trump, has criticized the Georgia investigation against her client as “desperation at its best.” In an interview with Fox News, Habba dismissed the notion that the case poses a “perilous threat” to Trump and instead claimed to have inside information that would ensure his victory.

Habba lamented the current state of affairs, describing it as “third-world stuff” and expressing fear over the alleged violation of Trump’s due process rights. She highlighted the fact that an indictment was issued before a grand jury had even voted on the matter, suggesting a rush to judgment.

When asked about Trump’s arraignment, Habba revealed that her client plans to surrender. However, she expressed concern over the possibility of a mugshot being taken, arguing that it would be unnecessary given Trump’s high profile and the lack of a flight risk.

Habba also pointed to questionable actions by the Fulton County District Attorney’s office as evidence of political corruption in the case. She highlighted the swift removal of indictment documents from their website and the timing of the DA’s reelection website launch as factors undermining the credibility of the investigation.

In the eyes of Trump’s supporters, these developments only reinforce their belief that the charges against him are politically motivated. As he continues to be the favored candidate among GOP voters, polling shows President Joe Biden trailing behind the former president. It’s clear that for many, this case is just another example of Democratic officials and the Biden Justice Department targeting Trump for political gain.

Written by Staff Reports

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