Trump RIPS Joe Biden For This Important Mistake

In response to former US President Joe Biden's statements about an "Armageddon" following Russia's threats of nuclear war, Donald Trump called them "exactly the wrong thing to say."

According to Trump, the US should be urging both Russia and Ukraine to negotiate a peace deal to end their conflict. This could prevent another catastrophic event.

Trump criticized the Biden administration's handling of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. He also responded to Biden's statement last week that warned about an "Armageddon." Putin reportedly threatened to launch a nuclear attack after Ukraine's military advances.

During a fundraiser, Biden noted that the US had not faced the possibility of an "Armageddon" since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis and the Kennedy-Toledo standoff. Trump, on the other hand, insisted that the world can avoid a nuclear war.

During his rally in Arizona, Trump called for an end to the conflict in Ukraine and urged both Russia and Ukraine to negotiate a peace deal. He also claimed that the world would not be able to avoid World War III if the two countries don't stop their actions.

Trump also criticized the current state of affairs in the US, noting that the country's president is not mentally capable of leading the country. He said that talking about a nuclear war with Russia would be more devastating than previous conflicts due to the weapons that it would have.

According to the Washington Examiner, both Trump and the Republican candidate for Senate in Arizona, Blake Masters, criticized the state's Democratic senator, Mark Kelly.

In response to the criticism, Trump called for the removal of Kelly from office. He said that he had been trying to secure the border for two years, but he had been unable to do so due to his "weakness." Trump also noted that Kelly had been the one who had been voting to confirm every bill that was introduced by the Democrats.

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