Trump Roasts NBC’s Fiasco with RNC’s McDaniel on Truth Social

Former President Donald Trump recently took to Truth Social to mock Ronna McDaniel, the ousted ex-Republican National Committee Chairwoman, for her short-lived stint at NBC. Trump hilariously referred to her current situation as being stuck in “NEVER NEVERLAND,” which Trump suggested might be a place of delusion from being around liberals. As a conservative, it’s refreshing to see Trump calling out the Radical Left Lunatics at NBC for their treatment of McDaniel.

McDaniel, who faced criticism for her leadership and spending at the RNC, didn’t last long at NBC before getting the boot. It’s no surprise considering her recent remarks acknowledging Trump’s 2020 election loss and condemning the January 6th Capitol riots. This move by NBC to hire and then swiftly fire her just shows how out of touch the mainstream media is with real conservative voices.

In another post, Trump didn’t hold back on slamming NBC executives for allowing Chuck Todd to publicly criticize their decision to bring on McDaniel. The fact that Chuck Todd, who Trump claims was fired for poor performance and low ratings, had the audacity to scold NBC for hiring McDaniel is beyond ironic. Trump’s critique of NBC’s biased coverage and questionable staffing decisions hits the nail on the head.

It’s no wonder McDaniel is reportedly seeking legal counsel following her abrupt termination. The Left’s hypocrisy and intolerance toward conservative viewpoints are on full display with NBC’s treatment of McDaniel. As a conservative news writer, it’s gratifying to see Trump shedding light on the biased agenda of mainstream media outlets like NBC and standing up for individuals like McDaniel who dare to speak out against the liberal narrative.

It’s crucial for conservatives to support voices like Trump who challenge the establishment and expose the media’s biased practices. McDaniel’s experience at NBC serves as a stark reminder of the uphill battle conservatives face in a media landscape dominated by liberal elites. Let’s hope McDaniel finds justice and that more truth-tellers like her continue to push back against the left-wing propaganda machine.

Written by Staff Reports

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