Trump Shrugs Off Clinton Jab, Eyes Biden’s Corruption

Former President Donald Trump is not losing sleep over Hillary Clinton’s latest insult, noting that his former rival “doesn’t matter” anymore. Speaking at Georgia’s GOP convention, Trump dismissed Clinton’s relevance after she gloated over his historic federal indictment for mishandling classified information under the Espionage Act. Trump said he had retired his nickname for Clinton, “Crooked,” and that they are now using it for Joe Biden because no president has ever been as corrupt as Biden.

Despite occasional speculation that Clinton may return to politics, she has been largely irrelevant ever since Trump’s surprise victory in 2016 shattered her dreams. But, she has not held back in taking comfort in her former nemesis’ misfortunes. After the Justice Department unsealed its federal indictment of Trump, Clinton publicly encouraged her supporters to buy “but her emails” merchandise, a reference to the controversy surrounding her private e-mail server sending classified information. The failure to charge Clinton was perceived as a double standard in the justice system.

Security charges her crimes but it is ignored by the Democrats. Trump slammed the indictment as an abuse of power aimed at interfering in the 2024 presidential election since Biden is trying to jail a leading political opponent and one who is beating him by a lot in the polls. He pointed out the double standard, noting that Clinton wasn’t indicted when she knocked out 33,000 emails, and Biden wasn’t indicted despite his terrible deeds. Trump’s indictment is reminiscent of the Russian collusion hoax, which accused Trump of being a spy for Moscow. The fake news was invented based on a notorious Clinton-funded dossier.

In conclusion, former President Trump is dismissing Hillary Clinton’s supposed insults and focusing on Joe Biden’s corruption and the double standard of the justice system. Trump and his allies are calling his indictment abuse of power meant to interfere with the 2024 presidential election. Despite Clinton’s misfortunes, Trump is still taking the lead in conservative politics, and he is unbothered by his critics.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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