Trump Stakes Everything on Milwaukee Debate Showdown

Former President Donald Trump has decided to skip the upcoming Republican primary debate in Milwaukee, and instead watch from the sidelines. This could be a risky move for Trump, as it gives his opponents, like Gov. Ron DeSantis, a chance to shine and make their pitch to the soft Trump voters. Conservative commentator Erick Erickson pointed out the value in hearing directly from the candidates about their policies, rather than focusing on attacks and drama.

There is also the possibility that Trump’s decision to skip the debate will create a negative narrative around him, with some accusing him of “chickening out” or disrespecting Republican voters. However, Trump is confident that his absence will make the rest of the field appear small and insignificant, further solidifying his position as the frontrunner.

Without Trump on the stage, the other candidates may redirect their attacks towards DeSantis, potentially fragmenting the non-Trump vote even further. This could hinder the emergence of a strong alternative candidate. Additionally, if the debate proves successful for any of the participants, Trump can always change his mind for future debates.

Trump’s polling numbers are currently far ahead of his competitors, with a nearly 41-point lead over DeSantis. While his numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire are below 50%, he still maintains a significant lead in both states. His primary opponents have yet to pose a serious threat to his strong base of supporters.

Ultimately, Trump is banking on his opponents not being able to gain momentum without his presence. He wants to squash any chance they have of challenging him for the nomination. However, this decision could backfire if the debate proves to be a turning point for his rivals, making the race more competitive. Alternatively, it could signal the beginning of the end for Trump’s opponents as the focus shifts to the general election. Only time will tell.

Written by Staff Reports

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