Trump Takes Lead in Blue State, Small Dollar Donors Crush Biden’s Fund

Unexpectedly, former President Donald Trump's campaign raised and attracted nearly three times as many distinguished donors as President Joe Biden's campaign in the historically democratic state of Minnesota. Since the start of the year, the Trump campaign has received a significant amount of contributions totaling $553,566. In contrast, the Biden campaign, as reported by the Federal Election Commission (FEC), has been considerably slower, amassing an estimated $391,867. Moreover, Trump's campaign garnered 1,317 distinct donors in Minnesota, whereas Biden lagged considerably behind with a mere 466 supporters.

The discrepancy in fundraising amounts can be attributed to Biden's reliance on a restricted group of wealthy donors who generously provided the utmost amount permitted by law, $3,300. Fifty-eight Minnesotans contributed a cumulative sum of $191,400 in support of Biden's campaign, which accounted for approximately half of the president's fundraising efforts in the state. On the contrary, Trump was constrained to eight Minnesotan benefactors who made contributions not exceeding the legal maximum. These high-rolling individuals made a contribution of less than 5% to Trump's total fundraising in Minnesota.

However, despite the discrepancy in the number of donors, Trump's campaign managed to maintain a significant average contribution of $44, while Biden's average donor contributed a considerable $380, according to data from federal donation authorities. The median contributions received by the campaigns of Biden and Trump were $22 and $100, respectively. The statistical data mentioned above highlights the considerable diversity in economic situations among the candidates' supporters.

It is noteworthy that college-educated voters, who are typically more affluent, have supported the Democrats in recent election cycles. On the contrary, those lacking college degrees and belonging to the less affluent have sided with the Republican Party. This trend, which The Washington Post has documented, offers valuable insight into the changing demographics and political leanings of American voters. Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. accumulated 119 unique donors in Minnesota, which accounts for over 25% of the contributions presented by Biden.

It is important to highlight that in 2016, Trump narrowly avoided defeat by a mere 50,000 votes in Minnesota. On the contrary, his performance in the 2020 presidential election was dismal, as he was defeated by Joe Biden by over seven percentage points in the state. Despite this obstacle, Trump's fundraising prowess in Minnesota remains extraordinary.

It is imperative to acknowledge that in order to secure funds, both Trump and Biden rely on sources external to their campaign committees. Additionally considerable are campaign contributions—contributions associated with the candidates, such as those to the Biden Victory Fund and the Save America Joint Fundraising Committee. Biden contributed $1,184,287 to his campaign committees and affiliated PACs in Minnesota this year, according to FEC records; Trump amassed $954,828. The discrepancy is partially attributable to the colossal $350,000 contribution of a PepsiCo board member to the Biden Victory Fund. Upon considering the Biden Victory Fund and the Save America Joint Fundraising Committee, it is observed that Trump has made an average contribution of $49, while Biden has substantially increased his average contribution to $820. The median contribution for Biden has remained unchanged at $100, whereas it has remained $22 for Trump.

Notwithstanding the impact of the Save America Joint Fundraising Committee and the Biden Victory Fund, Trump amasses a donor base that is nearly three times more diverse than that of Biden. Both campaigns abstained from providing any commentary in relation to these remarkable figures.


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