Trump Torpedoes Senate Border Deal with Take-No-Prisoners Stand!

In a move that’s sure to ruffle some feathers, former President Donald Trump’s comments on a potential border deal being hashed out in the Senate are throwing a big old wrench into the works. The ex-president, known for taking a hard line on border security, is putting the pressure on Republicans to hold the line and not give an inch when it comes to dealing with the border crisis.

In a fiery post on the Truth Social platform, Trump made it crystal clear that he’s not budging an inch on this issue. He’s essentially telling the GOP to hold out for the whole kit and caboodle when it comes to shutting down what he calls an “invasion” of people pouring into the country. And let’s be real here, when President Trump wants something, he’s not exactly known for beating around the bush.

Now, the Senate has been going back and forth for months trying to find a compromise on this deal, with both Republican and Democratic senators trying to iron out the details. But with Trump throwing a spanner in the works, things are looking a bit shakier, especially in the House where those rock-ribbed conservatives hold some major sway.

Senator James Lankford isn’t sweating it too much, saying everyone should have a crack at reading the deal before they decide, which sounds pretty fair. But the top Dem negotiator, Sen. Chris Murphy, seems a bit less sure, throwing the ball back into the Republicans’ court – classic move, right?

On the Republican side, Sen. Josh Hawley isn’t happy about the lack of transparency and the talk of work permits for immigrants. And he’s not alone – other conservatives are giving this potential deal the stink eye, too. It seems like they’re not about to budge on this one, no siree.

And as for Trump’s influence on the GOP? Senator J.D. Vance thinks it’s a pretty done deal, saying Trump’s basically running the show. He’s not happy with how things are shaping up and thinks they need to be listening to the big guy more. But of course, there are others who are pushing back, saying that serious border security talks are definitely on the table.

Meanwhile, the Dems are trying to keep their hopes up, with Senators Chris Coons, Gary Peters, and Mark Kelly all chiming in with varying levels of optimism. But it’s clear that Trump’s post has got them feeling a bit on edge.

And it’s not just the Senate that’s feeling the heat – House Speaker Mike Johnson is also feeling the pressure, with reports saying that a deal without certain key provisions is as good as DOA. So, it looks like everyone’s got their eyes on the ex-president and his social media musings, and it’s anyone’s guess how this whole shebang is gonna shake out.

Written by Staff Reports

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