Trump Train Speeds Ahead: MO, ID & MI GOP on Board for Super Tuesday Blitz!

The Trump Train just keeps chugging along, folks! All aboard for another stop on the way to Super Tuesday, where former President Trump is collecting delegates like candy at a parade. Missouri and Idaho have spoken up, giving the Big T the thumbs up, while Michigan Republicans celebrated their convention with a hot dish of more delegates for the taking. Yeehaw!

In the Show-Me State, the Missouri Republican Caucuses made it clear that Trump is their guy. Decision Desk HQ called it, pointing the finger at the former president as the winner. It’s no surprise, really. Trump has a way of winning hearts and votes wherever he goes, like a political pied piper leading the conservative faithful.

But wait, there’s more! Michigan Republicans were feeling the Trump love too. After he dominated the primary earlier in the week, snatching up 16 delegates faster than a seagull on a french fry, the GOP Convention in Michigan decided to pile on the praise. Trump raked in another 39 delegates, making it rain delegate votes like confetti at a victory parade.

And get this, folks, Michigan is starting to turn red according to the polls. That’s right, the Wolverine State is showing some love for the red team, leaning towards Republicans like a tower of Jenga blocks in a strong breeze. It’s a sign of the times, my friends, a sign that Trump’s brand of conservative leadership is striking a chord with voters across the country.

So hold on tight, folks, because the ride isn’t over yet. Stick with RedState for all the latest updates on the conservative revolution sweeping the nation. And remember, in the game of politics, it’s not about who’s in the lead, it’s about who’s making America great again. And that someone is none other than Donald J. Trump, the man with the plan and the delegates to prove it.

Written by Staff Reports

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