Trump Triumphs: GOP Support Soars Despite Indictment, DeSantis’ Star Dimming

Republican voters continue to stand by former President Donald Trump, despite his second indictment on federal charges relating to classified information. A new poll conducted by NBC reveals that 51% of GOP voters would still back Trump if the Republican primary were held today. This is an increase from the 46% who said the same thing back in April. Half of GOP primary voters did express openness to considering someone other than Trump as the party’s nominee, but this shows that the majority are still firmly behind the former President.

The survey also indicated that Governor Ron DeSantis, a potential 2024 candidate, has lost Republican support since April of this year. Back then, 31% of Republicans supported Governor DeSantis, but only 22% said they did between June 16-20 of this year when the survey was conducted.

Despite facing indictment, the survey shows that Trump’s support continues to grow while other potential Republican candidates like DeSantis are struggling to gain traction. Analysts believe that this latest poll shows that the allegations brought against Trump have not had an impact on his standing among the GOP voters.

Although some may be skeptical of Trump, particularly among independent voters, it seems that the majority of Republican voters are in support of him. Furthermore, even if Biden were to face off against Trump in the next general election, the survey shows Biden leading by just four points. Additionally, voters have reservations about the physical health and mental acuity of both presidential candidates.

It is clear that Trump remains a popular candidate among Republicans, and his support continues to grow, despite his recent indictment. This poll shows that no matter what stories are pushed against the former President, his base of unwavering supporters remains in place.

Written by Staff Reports

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