Hunter’s Investigation: Comer Rejects Special Counsel, Backs Oversight Committee

Amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s plea deal, Representative James Comer takes a stance against the notion of appointing a special counsel to investigate the President’s son. Comer, a known Republican, dismisses the idea as “ridiculous” and instead throws his support behind the House Oversight Committee’s ongoing investigation.

Comer explains his line of reasoning, saying that if one were to support the appointment of a special counsel, they would also have to put their faith solely in AG Merrick Garland and his ability to choose someone who would be in charge of the investigation. Such an arrangement would enable the special counsel to conduct covert operations, only emerging at the conclusion of the investigation, which could drag on for years.

Comer reveals that the House Oversight Committee has already unearthed information in just five months, which the FBI and the Justice Department kept hidden for five years. Therefore, the investigation should continue under their direction since they’ve established their aptitude for finding important evidence quickly.

According to Comer, it’s challenging to trust AG Merrick Garland when choosing someone to head up a special counsel investigation. Moreover, any appointee who works within the DOJ would have to operate behind the veil of the department’s secrecy, making it challenging to build trust with the public.

Comer further argues that a congressional investigation seems to be the only viable option left, despite it not being the ideal choice. However, the committee’s findings would be made transparent, unlike the possible appointment of a special counsel.

In conclusion, there is no alternative to having the House Oversight Committee lead the investigation in Comer’s view. The level of corruption that occurred is too significant, and Comer’s committee has been successful in uncovering pertinent information within a few months. Appointing someone is more likely to cause delays as the FBI and Justice Department are not transparent. In essence, the appointment of a special counsel would compound the issue rather than solve it.

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