Impeachment Looms for AG Garland Over Biden Scandal: Deadline Set!

Kevin McCarthy, the Republican Speaker of the House from California, said that Attorney General Merrick Garland will be impeached on July 6 if IRS hackers' claims are true. Testimony from former IRS workers shows that the Hunter Biden case is full of mistakes or even outright corruption. Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf told Hunter Biden that a raid was coming up, and it is said that IRS agents were told to "stand down" and not look into claims that Biden sold his influence.

Hunter Biden is also said to have threatened his Chinese business partner, telling him that his father, Joe Biden, was in the room while demanding payment. Photos on Hunter's laptop show that he was at Joe Biden's house in Wilmington on the day the message was sent. At best, the DOJ's reaction to these claims has been dull.

In a tweet on Sunday, McCarthy said that if the reports are true, impeachment procedures against Merrick Garland would start right away. During an interview on Fox and Friends on Monday morning, he said again what the House GOP had said.

During a news conference, Attorney General Garland said that the investigation into Hunter Biden was fair and thorough, even though the U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who was hired by former President Trump, has said that he has concerns about how the investigation was handled. Garland has also said that people who say bad things about his Department of Justice are trying to hurt democracy.

All Americans should be worried about these claims because they could mean that many people in the Biden administration and close to him are crooked. If these claims are true, the House Judiciary Committee must take them seriously and make Attorney General Garland answer for them.

Written by Staff Reports

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