Trump Triumphs in Iowa, Leaves DeSantis in Dust

In a recent report on the Iowa Caucuses, it was revealed that the undisputed champion, President Donald J. Trump, came out on top with a remarkable 51 percent of the vote. This landslide victory left his closest competitor, Ron DeSantis, in the dust, trailing behind by a whopping 30 points. As expected, Iowa was a total cakewalk for Trump, solidifying his unwavering appeal amongst the heartland of America.

On the flip side, the attention has now shifted to the upcoming New Hampshire primaries, where the potential for a Nikki Haley upset has been causing quite the stir. However, before we get all hot and bothered about the possibility of a “Nikki Surge,” let’s take a closer look at where her support is coming from.

It turns out that Haley’s donor base is comprised of a small but powerful group of wealthy individuals, with lefty megadonor Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, leading the charge. Now, before you go dusting off your pom-poms for Haley, it’s crucial to note that Hoffman is a notorious supporter of the radical left and even bankrolls the American Bridge outfit, which is all about attacking Republicans. And to add insult to injury, he was buddy-buddy with the despicable Jeffrey Epstein. Not exactly the kind of company you’d want your presidential campaign associated with, now is it?

But the real kicker here is Haley’s track record on conservative values. In 2020, she shamelessly threw her support behind the Black Lives Matter movement, turning a blind eye to the chaos and destruction it wrought on our streets. And don’t even get started on her lackluster stance on border security. While everyday Americans are crying out for proper border protection, Haley has been busy preaching about being nice to illegal immigrants. Nice? Really, Nikki? Last time we checked, breaking the law and crossing the border illegally isn’t exactly a friendly neighborhood stroll.

Now, let’s address the so-called “Haley surge.” According to the astute Tucker Carlson, this is nothing more than smoke and mirrors manufactured by the media machine. Propped up by her performance in the debates, which, let’s be real, wasn’t exactly a Herculean effort, Haley is being kept on life support in the 2024 race. And to top it all off, she seems to have conveniently decided to skip out on the New Hampshire debates unless President Trump decides to grace her with his presence. Talk about confidence, or rather, the lack thereof.

So, in conclusion, the “Never Nikki” movement isn’t just a catchy slogan; it’s a call to arms for conservatives to see through the facade and stand firm against the pandering and flip-flopping of a candidate who is more concerned with cozying up to the left than standing up for what truly matters to everyday Americans. As Tucker Carlson aptly put it, the Nikki Haley hype is nothing but red meat for the masses who see through the charade. So, buckle up, folks, because the road to 2024 is sure to be a bumpy one.

Written by Staff Reports

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