Trump Trounces Biden in 2024 Polls: Lib Media in Denial?

The liberal media might want to cover their eyes for this one, because it’s looking like former President Donald Trump is outpacing President Joe Biden in the race for the 2024 presidential election. Just a few months ago, the idea of it was easy to dismiss, but now, it’s a different story. The polls are showing Trump in the lead, and it’s not looking good for Biden, folks.

According to RealClearPolitics, Trump is pulling ahead with a +2.2 lead over Biden as of Monday afternoon. The most recent poll, from The Wall Street Journal, has Trump leading Biden 47 to 43 percent among registered voters, with a tiny margin of error. When other potential third-party and independent candidates are thrown into the mix, Trump’s lead over Biden widens, with 37 percent to Biden’s 31 percent.

But wait, there’s more bad news for Biden. His approval rating has hit a new low, with just 37 percent giving him the thumbs up and a whopping 61 percent disapproving. Ouch! This is causing some serious concern for Democrats, who seem to be fretting about Biden’s ability to lead and even considering the comeback of the 77-year-old Trump.

It’s not just about Trump leading, though. The poll also shows that people are feeling personally hurt by Biden’s policies, with only 23% saying his agenda has helped them, while 53% feel they’ve been negatively affected. On the other hand, about half of voters say they were personally helped by Trump’s policies. It’s not a good look for Biden, to say the least.

The economy seems to be a major sore point for voters, with two-thirds rating it as poor and expressing dissatisfaction with Biden’s handling of the issue. And when it comes to who voters think can handle important issues like the economy, inflation, crime, and border security, Trump comes out on top every time. The poll also indicates that the Republican Party is performing better than the Democrats on the congressional generic ballot, with more voters leaning towards the Republican candidate.

So, while there might be some glimmers of hope for Biden in certain areas like abortion and political tone, it’s clear that the momentum is on Trump’s side. If Republicans can maintain this momentum, it’s looking like the 2024 election could be a win for them. And if the economy bounces back, well, then this poll might end up being just a blip on the radar. But for now, it’s advantage Trump. Looks like the mainstream media might need to start taking these polls seriously, even if they’re not quite ready to admit it.

Written by Staff Reports

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