Trump Trounces Biden in Polls, Latinos & Independents Rally Behind MAGA Wave

In the most recent Rasmussen Reports survey, former President Donald Trump has kept his strong lead over President Joe Biden, with 49% of likely voters backing Trump compared to Biden’s measly 41%. Ha! It looks like people are still loving Trump’s no-nonsense attitude and his dedication to making America great again.

But get this – Rasmussen really pointed out the huge gap in Hispanic voters who are all about Team Trump. The survey revealed that Latinos are supporting Trump over Biden by a whopping 48% to 37%. That’s a massive change from 2020, when Hispanics were in Biden’s corner 59%-38%. The tides are turning, folks!

And it doesn’t stop there. Biden’s support from Asian voters is also slipping through his fingers. Back in 2020, he had a landslide victory with 72% of the Asian vote, but now Trump is closing in with 39% to Biden’s 36%. Looks like even the Asian community is recognizing Trump’s leadership and strength.

Let’s not forget about the black voters who Biden heavily relied on in the last election. In 2020, he had a staggering 92% of the black vote, but now his lead has dwindled to 48% while Trump has gained ground with 39%. Looks like people from all walks of life are waking up to the reality that Trump is the one who truly has their best interests at heart.

And hold onto your hats, because even independents are jumping on the Trump train! Trump is dominating with 46% of independent voters compared to Biden’s weak 35%. Looks like those who don’t want to be tied down to a political party are seeing Trump as the clear choice for a strong and prosperous America.

Some other surveys may try to throw a wrench into the mix by including other candidates like RFK Jr., Stein, or West, but the Rasmussen survey shows that even with them in the running, Trump still comes out on top.

So, it’s clear as day that Trump is the people’s choice, and Biden can’t keep up with the support and enthusiasm that Trump continues to generate. America is standing up for Trump, and it’s no surprise why – because he’s the leader who gets things done and puts America first. Go Trump!

Written by Staff Reports

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