Trump Vows to Ax Biden’s Job-Killing EV Plan in Presidency Re-run

Donald Trump, former president and current presidential candidate, has brazenly pledged during his campaign to favor gas-powered vehicles over electric ones. Trump attacked President Joe Biden's proposed regulations on tailpipe emissions during a recent campaign stop in Iowa, a state known for producing a large quantity of ethanol. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) asserts that these regulations would be so stringent that by 2032, 46 percent of sales of new "light-duty" and medium-duty vehicles would be wholly electric.

Trump threatened to eliminate the gas-powered automobile industry, Iowa's ethanol supply, and the state's economy if Biden's "extremist mandate" was upheld using his signature venomous language. On his first day back in the White House, he vowed to overturn Biden's "absolutely insane, job-killing electric vehicle mandate" and protect Iowa's ethanol industry.

Many were taken aback when Trump altered the subject to express his concerns about irreversible procedures performed on transgender children. "Under a Trump administration, gasoline-powered vehicles will be permitted, but child genital mutilation will be prohibited, if that's okay with you," he said, implying that this issue was more important to him than electric vehicles. This audacious statement provoked an angered response.

It is noteworthy that Biden's Infrastructure plan, which was approved in 2021, allocated $1.7 billion to support public transportation networks in the United States. Under the Trump administration, $84.45 million in Low- and No-Emission Grant Awards were distributed nationally in 2018 to accomplish comparable environmental goals. These divergent strategies serve as a stark reminder of the disparate environmental and transportation policy objectives of the two administrations.

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