Trump vs Ivanka? Fake News Strikes Again!

The liberal media is at it again, cooking up vindictive fantasies about our beloved former President Donald Trump. They just can’t seem to let him go! Now they’re predicting that Trump will turn against his very own daughter, Ivanka, just to protect himself from financial ruin. Can you believe it?

According to journalist David Cay Johnston, who clearly has an ax to grind, Trump’s lawyers would “rip her to shreds” if Ivanka were to testify in a way that’s damaging to her father. Well, let me tell you something, Mr. Johnston. Trump may be tough, but he loves his children. He would never turn on Ivanka, his favorite child, just to save his own skin. That’s the kind of love and loyalty that the left simply cannot comprehend.

But let’s talk about the reality of the situation here. Ivanka was dropped as a defendant in the fraud case because the claims against her fell outside the statute of limitations. Did you hear that, liberals? She’s in the clear! Yet, they continue to project their wishes onto reality, hoping that Ivanka will somehow testify against her father. Well, newsflash, folks – it’s not going to happen.

Even former prosecutor Michael McAuliffe agrees that the chances of Ivanka testifying against her father in any damaging way are “extremely low.” He believes she’s more likely to plead bad memory or the Fifth Amendment, despite the fact that the claims against her were dismissed. Come on, liberals, give it up already. Your fantasies are just that – fantasies.

It’s clear that the left is desperate to see the downfall of Donald Trump and his entire family. They can’t stand the fact that he had a successful career in real estate and became President of the United States against all odds. But instead of accepting defeat, they continue to spread lies and fabricate narratives that simply have no basis in reality.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, liberals. Trump may face some challenges, but he will come out of this stronger than ever. And his love for his children, including Ivanka, will remain unwavering. So, keep dreaming those vindictive fantasies if it makes you feel better, but the reality is that Trump’s family will stick together, no matter what.

Written by Staff Reports

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