Trump’s Bold Plan to Crush Crime Dens: Liberals Panic!

Former President Donald J. Trump recently reminded the American people that he was supposedly kept from unleashing the mighty power of the U.S. military to tackle the “destructive” BLM riots last summer. At an Iowa rally, he declared, “The next time, I’m not waiting.” Trump went on to describe cities like New York City and Chicago as “crime dens,” urging action to rid the country of this menace.

Now, while Trump didn’t go into specifics about how he planned to intervene, the Associated Press took the liberty of speculating that he might deploy the U.S. military. Seriously, AP? Talk about jumping to conclusions! But it’s not surprising coming from a media outlet that always seems to have an anti-Trump agenda.

Of course, the AP also couldn’t resist mentioning Trump’s “aggressive” agenda, including his desire to deport illegal immigrants and reinstate travel bans from countries plagued by radical Islamist terrorism. They even brought in experts like Joseph Nunn from the Brennan Center for Justice, who suggested that legislation should be passed to prevent Trump from utilizing the Insurrection Act. It’s clear that these so-called experts have an irrational fear of Trump sending tanks down Main Street. As if he would ever do something like that!

Thankfully, there are voices of reason amidst the chaos. Michael O’Hanlon, from the Brookings Institute, reminded everyone that our country has checks and balances in place to prevent a president from making rash decisions. But of course, they just had to add that Trump has a knack for creating enough mayhem and legal confusion to potentially bypass those checks. Oh, the bias is strong with this one.

It’s worth noting that the Insurrection Act, which allows for the use of the military in certain situations, has been invoked 40 times throughout history, mainly to enforce desegregation and respond to civil unrest. So, why is the media acting like Trump is some kind of tyrant for even mentioning it? It’s just another attempt to paint him as a power-hungry dictator.

In the end, Trump’s remarks about taking swift action against crime in our cities is something that every law-abiding citizen should support. We can’t let our great cities become crime-infested wastelands. It’s time to put an end to the willful destruction and chaos. Now, if only the media could resist twisting his words and fear mongering for their own political agenda. But hey, that would require them to be fair and balanced, and we all know that’s not their strong suit.

Written by Staff Reports

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