Trump’s Senate Pick, Sheehy, Causes MAGA to Pivot—Who’s Their New Champion?

In his tireless efforts to endorse favored candidates for office, Donald Trump has chosen Tim Sheehy as his candidate for the U.S. Senate from Montana. However, this endorsement has garnered criticism from Trump’s own MAGA supporters and may cause discord within the Big Sky State.

Trump took to his Truth Social account on Feb. 9 to announce his endorsement of Sheehy. In his typical bombastic style, Trump proclaimed his love for Montana and praised Sheehy as an American hero and successful businessman. He also highlighted Sheehy’s support from prominent Republicans, such as Steve Daines, Chairman of the NRSC.

Trump further expressed his respect for Matt Rosendale and stated that he would endorse him again if he decided to run for his congressional seat. Nonetheless, Trump believed that Sheehy was the best candidate to defeat Jon Tester and help regain the Republican majority in the Senate. He described Sheehy as a political outsider who is strong on border security, the military/veterans, and the Second Amendment, while also standing against the “radical left Democrats” who he believes are destroying the country.

However, immediately after the endorsement, Trump’s staunchest supporters and many Montana residents voiced their disappointment with the pick. Prominent Republicans like Matt Gaetz and Mike Lee were among those discouraged by the endorsement. In response, Matt Rosendale, who is currently a congressman, highlighted the numerous endorsements he has received from prominent MAGA figures.

Critics of Sheehy point to his past support for environmental, social, and corporate governance policies, as well as climate change, which he reportedly deleted from his company’s website when announcing his candidacy. Additionally, Sheehy has made conflicting statements regarding American troops in Ukraine, suggesting at one point that they should be sent to fight against the Russians, but later calling for a ceasefire and peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. Critics accuse Sheehy of deleting social media posts that could harm his Senate campaign.

One concern regarding Sheehy’s candidacy is his backing by Sen. Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment in Washington, D.C. This contradicts Trump’s own support base within the MAGA movement. On the other hand, Matt Rosendale has been a vocal opponent of the GOP establishment, making him a candidate that MAGA voters can trust.

Although recent polling shows that Rosendale leads Sheehy in a head-to-head race against Democrat Jon Tester, it is still early in the election season. Despite this, Trump’s endorsement of Sheehy seems out of character for the MAGA movement. The 2024 election is crucial, and it is vital for every American to engage and support the candidates who align with their values and beliefs.

Written by Staff Reports

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