Tucker Carlson Calls Out Elite Collusion – and is Proven Right!

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson made his first comments on Wednesday evening since parting ways with the giant cable news outlet, accusing the government and elites of “colluding” in support of a “one-party state.” Carlson expressed his opinion in a short viral video, where he voiced his frustration with the lack of meaningful debates occurring in mainstream media. He argued that topics such as war, civil liberties, emerging science, demographic change, corporate power, and natural resources are not discussed in a legitimate manner. Carlson believes that the two political parties and their donors have reached a consensus on what benefits them and are actively working together to prevent any conversation about it.

The same day, President Joe Biden was caught holding a cheat sheet that gave him advance knowledge of a question topic from a reporter. This raised questions about the level of collusion between the White House and the media. Brad Polumbo asked the obvious question: how would Biden know the subject of journalists’ questions in advance?

The issue of government and media collusion was further highlighted when Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said last weekend that “I believe that when it comes to broadcast television, like Fox News, these are subject to federal law, federal regulation in terms of what’s allowed on air and what isn’t.” This comment was in response to the Twitter Files, which revealed that federal agencies worked with Twitter to censor news and opinion.

Tucker Carlson believes that this type of collusion between government and media is not how an actual press is supposed to work. He believes that this type of behavior is a sign of an authoritarian regime, where genuine questions, dissent, and free speech are banned. The controversy surrounding President Biden’s cheat sheet further proves this point. It appears that the press was more concerned with being discovered than the actual breach of journalistic ethics.

The public should be aware of the collusion between government and media. It is important to have meaningful debates about topics such as war, civil liberties, emerging science, demographic change, corporate power, and natural resources. People should be able to express their opinions without fear of censorship or punishment. It is essential for citizens to have access to accurate information and to be able to make their own decisions based on that information.

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