House Dems Put Politics Over People: Refuse to Act on $31 Trillion Debt Crisis

In yet another act of negligence and irresponsibility, House Democrats are refusing to take action to prevent a catastrophe that could lead to the loss of millions of American jobs. The National Republican Congressional Committee has released an ad exposing the Democrats for their lies and inaction on the $31 trillion national debt crisis that could cause a default on the debt.

The ad, which references previous campaign promises made by House Democrats to always put the American people first, claims they have been doing the opposite – putting politics over people. The NRCC is calling out the fact that House Democrats have done nothing to mitigate the crisis and are refusing to call for compromise or seek common ground with President Joe Biden to prevent the economic downturn.

The narrator makes it clear that the inaction by House Democrats is “disgusting” and “extreme,” and that the American people will be the ones who suffer the consequences. Despite their campaign promises to stand up to their party, House Democrats are failing to follow through when the country’s full faith and credit is on the line.

The Republicans are taking action to raise the debt ceiling for one year while making deep cuts to spending to force President Biden to the negotiating table. However, House Democrats are still refusing to act, putting the entire nation in jeopardy. The NRCC urges all Americans to hold House Democrats accountable for their lack of action and to demand that they put the people first.

Written by Staff Reports

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