Tucker Carlson Putin interview stuns Hillary Clinton, plunges her into conspiracy!

Former first lady Hillary Clinton appeared on MSNBC’s Alex Wagner show to slam Tucker Carlson for his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In her usual dramatic fashion, Clinton called Carlson a “useful idiot” and suggested that he had been fired from multiple US outlets and would likely land a contract with a Russian outlet. She also claimed, without any evidence, that Carlson had been fired for lying and accused him of being part of a “fifth column” for Putin.

While it’s true that there are people who admire leaders with autocratic tendencies, Clinton’s claims about Carlson are baseless and hypocritical. After all, this is the same person who famously dismissed accusations against her husband, President Bill Clinton, as a “vast right-wing conspiracy” when he was embroiled in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. As history reveals, the conspiracy was actually between the president and Lewinsky to hide their affair.

Clinton’s use of the term “fifth column,” referring to people sympathetic to an invading enemy, is also questionable. With the Russian armed forces numbering over 2 million, does Clinton really believe there are 400,000 Russian sympathizers in the US ready to join a Russian invasion? It seems more likely that she was using the term as hyperbole, but in the polarized political climate of 2024, such inflammatory language is unwise.

In response to Clinton’s insults, Carlson could simply point out that at least he is useful, unlike the two-time failed presidential candidate herself.

Written by Staff Reports

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