CBS Exposes Border Chaos: Illegal Crossings & Tech-Savvy Trespassers Run Wild

Gather round, ladies and gents, because the big, bad truth about the border crisis has reared its ugly head once again. CBS News ran a little show-and-tell about the pandemonium happening at an illegal border crossing spot in California, and let me tell you, it’s like the wild, wild west out there. Lawbreakers from all over – including a hefty bunch from China – are sneaking into our country without a second thought. These Chinese nationals are multiplying faster than rabbits on the wrong side of the fence, and CBS caught it all on camera. It’s like a reality show, but no one’s laughing.

These folks ain’t exactly roughing it, either. Some of them sailed their way through Central America with a backpack stuffed full of essentials, while others strolled in with their fancy rolling suitcases and high-tech gadgets after catching flights from China to Ecuador and then hopping on bird flights right into Tijuana, Mexico. And don’t get me started on TikTok. This Chinese social media platform is apparently giving these illegal immigrants a step-by-step DIY guide for hiring smugglers and taking the back door into America. It’s like a twisted travel vlog gone wrong!

But it gets worse, my friends. The land where these lawless folks end up? It’s owned by a legal immigrant who’s got a bone to pick with the whole disgraceful situation. Jerry Shuster, the rightful owner, is fed up with thousands of migrants turning his property into a hot mess. Imagine finding people torching your trees just to stay warm. Ain’t that a kicker! And when Jerry tried to protect his own land by firing a warning shot at the trespassers, guess who got into trouble? You got it – Jerry! They cuffed him and confiscated his gun. It’s like the twilight zone, I tell ya. The good guys are getting punished while the bad guys run amok.

CBS also chatted it up with a handful of Chinese immigrants who made no bones about wanting a piece of the American dream, but hey, so do a lot of people. That doesn’t give anyone a free pass to enter the U.S. without an invite. But under Sleepy Joe’s reign, that’s become the new norm. It’s like King Biden has thrown the gates wide open and said, “Come on in, everybody!” The numbers don’t lie, folks. The border encounters have shot right up, and it’s flip-flopping Uncle Joe’s fault.

Just when you thought you’d heard it all, here’s a real doozy. A Palestinian troublemaker from Africa waltzed into New York, snatched an Israeli flag off someone’s porch, and went on a tirade against Jews. What’s this world coming to? You ask me, voters in Long Island better keep an eye on who they’re backing in the upcoming special election because, believe it or not, those Democrat policies are tied to this whole mess. The Democratic candidate running for Congress is all in on the Biden madness. If that ain’t a wake-up call, I don’t know what is! Keep your eyes peeled, folks. The loony left has a lot to answer for.

Written by Staff Reports

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