Tucker Carlson Script Blocked by Fox News Surfaces Online

A year ago, Tucker Carlson was prepared to speak out on his show, but his words went unheard. His monologue that never aired was released by his biographer on his website, and it included his plans to discuss the interview with former Capitol Police chief Steven Sund. Unfortunately, Fox News decided not to air the episode.

In the leaked script, Carlson pushed back against comments from Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who suggested that his efforts to support the Capitol incursion defendants could incite violence. Carlson expressed his belief in the freedom of speech and the need for political leaders to defend this foundational principle.

He also addressed the events of January 6th, calling it a false characterization and highlighting the violence that occurred during that time. The script also mentioned Carlson’s interview with Sund, where he revealed that federal law enforcement and Democratic members of Congress were aware of impending violence but refused to provide assistance to the police.

Although the episode never aired, Carlson continues to be a strong conservative voice, defying mainstream media conventions. He recently conducted an interview with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, demonstrating his commitment to providing alternative perspectives to his audience.

After the leaked script became public, Fox News has not provided a comment on the matter. It’s important to note that the fight for free speech and the right to express differing viewpoints continues to be a significant issue in today’s society.

Written by Staff Reports

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