NYC Union Leaders Consider Trump Over Biden Amid Key Issue Concerns

Trade union leaders in New York City are voicing their dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden and considering their support for former President Donald Trump. President of Steamfitters Local 638, Bobby Bartels, recently met with Trump and discussed important issues like immigration, crime, and high prices with him. Bartels expressed that as patriotic Americans, they want what’s best for the country and are tired of issues like immigration and crime.

In a poll conducted within his union, President Trump is leading Joe Biden by a significant margin. Union workers greeted Trump with chants of “USA! USA!” as he met with Bartels and others in New York City. Bartels emphasized the importance of blue-collar workers in building America and their love for the country. Unions from other states like Michigan and Ohio are also showing signs of support for Trump due to concerns over elitist electric vehicle mandates affecting jobs.

The positive reception of Trump by the unions comes shortly after President Biden received an endorsement from the Building Trades Union for his infrastructure law. Biden made a controversial statement at a union conference where he referenced physical violence against his Republican opponent, sparking criticism. Conservative views suggest that Trump’s focus on addressing issues like illegal immigration resonates more with the working class, contrasting with Biden’s policies.

The shift in union support towards Trump reflects a growing dissatisfaction with President Biden’s policies among blue-collar workers. The contrast between the two candidates’ approaches to key issues like immigration and crime is influencing union members’ political preferences as the election approaches. The strong patriotic sentiment among union workers aligns with conservative values and prioritizing the needs of American workers and citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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