Tucker Carlson’s Chilling Warning After Trump Indictment

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson expressed his concerns about the suspension of the rule of law after former President Donald Trump got indicted by a Manhattan grand jury on Thursday. Carlson considered that “American politics was thrown into complete chaos perhaps permanently about three hours ago” due to this indictment. He mentioned that the grand jury is from one of the most liberal and Democratic cities in America, Manhattan. Carlson, a co-founder of the conservative Daily Caller News Foundation, pointed out that the district attorney behind Trump’s indictment is famous for making NYC much more dangerous by refusing to enforce laws against crimes such as robbery and rape.

Carlson explained that we still don’t know the charges against Trump at the moment. Nevertheless, he mentioned that past news reports suggest the indictment relates to an alleged $130,000 payment made to a porn star, Stormy Daniels, in 2016, during Trump’s presidential campaign. Federal regulators said that the payment violated no law, and the indictment represents Alvin Bragg’s point of view.

Republicans responded immediately to the indictment, condemning its politically motivated nature and calling it a dark moment in American history. As Carlson stated, this indictment represents another effort to ensure that Donald Trump never again becomes president. Carlson claimed that the previous January 6th committee, Flynn’s arrest, and Trump’s two impeachments, were all ways to keep Trump from making a comeback.

For Carlson, this indictment means that the rule of law is suspended tonight not just for Trump, but for anyone who supports him. He explained that the escalation of tactics on display here means that the most powerful interests in this country have decided that Donald Trump cannot be president again, which suspends the rule of law. Carlson went on to say that “what we’re seeing now is lawlessness”.

In conclusion, Carlson expressed his concerns about a suspension of the rule of law, which poses questions about the legitimacy of America’s democracy.

Written by Staff Reports

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