AOC’s Reaction to LibsOfTikTok’s Ethics Complaint is Going Viral

In a stunning display of political hypocrisy, radical leftist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) was recently caught lying about LibsOfTikTok founder Chaya Raichik during a congressional hearing. Raichik, who was accompanied by The Heritage Foundation’s Mike Howel, was not going to take the lies lying down and decided to take action. The pair hand-delivered an ethics complaint to AOC’s office and even had the chance to confront her in person.

The incident began when AOC used the House hearing on censorship to accuse Raichik of lying about Boston Children’s Hospital performing hysterectomies as part of “gender-affirming care” for “transgender” youth. Raichik was quick to point out that she never lied about the hospital and even posted a video on their YouTube channel to prove it.

Rather than admit her mistake, AOC cowardly refused to speak with Raichik and instead chose to hide away in her office. This prompted Raichik and Howel to file an ethics complaint against AOC for lying about an American citizen during a congressional hearing. The pair then hand-delivered the complaint to an AOC staffer and even bumped into AOC herself while in the Capitol.

This incident is yet another example of how radical leftists like AOC are willing to say and do anything to push their agenda, even if it means lying about innocent citizens. It is also a reminder of why it is so important to hold our elected officials accountable for their words and actions. Thankfully, Raichik and Howel were brave enough to stand up for what is right and deliver an ethics complaint to AOC. It is now up to the House Ethics Committee to decide if AOC should be held accountable for her lies.

Written by Staff Reports

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