Tucker Exposes Biden’s Dirty Secrets: Whistleblower Spills All on Burisma Scandal!

Whistleblower Devon Archer revealed the details of the Biden family's corruption during an interview with Tucker Carlson on Wednesday. He revealed that the prosecutor who is investigating corruption within Ukraine's Burisma business, Viktor Shokin, is viewed as a threat by the company's executives. But why would the US interfere with the country's legal system?

According to Archer, Shokin was viewed as a threat to their company due to how government officials often try to take over successful businesses. Biden wanted him to go away, and he threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine if he didn't get rid of him. Their hypocrisy is astounding, as they claim to be advocates for the rule of law yet they would rather manipulate it to benefit themselves.

During the interview, Archer talked about his ties with the owners of Burisma and how he and his partner Hunter Biden worked to influence the people in Washington, including President Biden. These efforts were aimed at ensuring that the company would not be affected by Shokin's investigation. They were rewarded with huge salaries.

The testimony of Archer has revealed the details of how the Biden family benefited from their shady business transactions. The House Republicans, led mainly by James Comer, are currently investigating these issues. Bank records of Hunter Biden's activities are being scrutinized after he pleaded guilty to illegal possession of a firearm and tax fraud. It's time for these high-ranking officials to be held accountable.

The collapse of Hunter Biden's plea deal revealed how powerful individuals can manipulate the system. His lawyers are currently negotiating with the government to change the terms of his plea. This entire saga is a stain on the Biden family, and it's time for leaders to prioritize the country's well-being instead of their own interests.

Written by Staff Reports

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