Sharpton’s Trump Indictment Take Leaves Readers Facepalming

In a recent segment on MSNBC, Al Sharpton admitted that he doesn’t have much knowledge about the American Revolution. This revelation came to light as Sharpton discussed former President Donald Trump’s third arraignment hearing, which is taking place in Washington, D.C. in relation to the Capitol riot on January 6th.

During the discussion, Sharpton voiced his skepticism about the idea of the Founding Fathers, such as James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, working to overthrow the government. He stated, “I’ve never heard of three cases on one individual in three jurisdictions. So this is serious. But on the other side of it, one day our children’s children will read American history. And can you imagine our reading that James Madison or Thomas Jefferson tried to overthrow the government so they could stay in power. That’s what we’re looking at. We’re looking at American history, and how it will play out is going to be very important.”

It’s quite astonishing that Sharpton, a prominent figure in the media, lacks a basic understanding of the American Revolution and the role of the Founding Fathers. Perhaps he needs to revisit his history books. The Founding Fathers are revered as such because they played a pivotal role in establishing the United States of America after fighting against a tyrannical government. This time period is known as the American Revolution for a reason—it was a revolutionary act that led to the birth of a free nation.

Sharpton’s comments reveal a troubling lack of historical knowledge, which is alarming considering the influence he has in shaping public opinion. It is essential for individuals in positions of leadership to have a firm grasp on our nation’s history and the principles that guided its formation. Without this understanding, they risk distorting our past and undermining the very foundations that make America exceptional.

Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founding Fathers, famously wrote about the necessity of rebellion against tyrants. He understood that the spirit of resistance and the willingness to fight for liberty were crucial in preserving our freedoms. In his words, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

It’s clear from Jefferson’s quote that rebellion and resistance were ingrained in the DNA of our nation from its inception. This principle of pushing back against oppressive rulers is fundamental to our American identity. It is disheartening to see someone like Sharpton dismiss such an important aspect of our history, as it diminishes the sacrifices made by those who fought for our freedom.

In conclusion, Al Sharpton’s admission that he lacks knowledge about the American Revolution is a concerning revelation. It highlights the need for individuals in positions of influence to have a solid understanding of our history. Without this knowledge, they risk misinterpreting and undermining the principles that shaped our nation. As Americans, we must value the lessons of our past and ensure that our history is not distorted or forgotten.

Written by Staff Reports

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