Biden’s Worst Nightmare: Shokin Breaks Silence, Exposes Family’s Dirty Secrets

Former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who was fired under pressure from then-Vice President Joe Biden, has finally broken his silence in a video posted on Thursday. In the video, Shokin addressed the allegations of corruption in his office and why he believes Biden wanted to end his investigation into Burisma.

Shokin calmly explained the need for his corruption investigation after the surprising release of $23 million belonging to Burisma. He highlighted that just days before his termination, courts ordered the seizure of millions of dollars in assets belonging to Burisma’s president.

Shokin pointed out that the notion of his investigations being “dormant” is far from the truth. He acknowledged that the United States closely monitored the investigation into Burisma, suggesting that even illegal means might have been used to gather information.

According to Shokin, Biden feared that his son, Hunter Biden, would eventually come under scrutiny. Hunter was working as outside counsel for Burisma while also being employed by a prominent D.C. firm. Shokin added that “everyone understood that the fight was going to end very badly for them.”

Shokin placed the blame squarely on Biden, alleging that the Vice President acted in his own interests rather than those of the American people. He claimed that Biden used his influence to pressure the Ukrainian government to fire him.

Furthermore, Shokin clarified that his investigation did not involve pursuing Hunter Biden directly. However, he suggested that Joe Biden had reason to fear that the investigation would eventually lead to his son.

In a closed-door congressional hearing, Hunter’s business associate, Devon Archer, testified that Vice President Biden participated in numerous meetings with Burisma officials and associates. These meetings supposedly aimed to ensure Shokin’s dismissal. The Biden family’s business activities generated substantial revenue, although President Biden vehemently denies any involvement or knowledge of these endeavors.

House Republicans continue to investigate this matter, aiming to undermine President Biden’s standing before the upcoming election. It is clear that this case raises questions about potential corruption and the abuse of power by the Biden family while Joe Biden was serving as Vice President.

In conclusion, Shokin’s video sheds light on the allegations against Joe Biden and his involvement in pressuring the Ukrainian government to terminate Shokin’s corruption investigation. These allegations raise significant concerns about the ethical conduct of the Biden family and the misuse of political power. It is crucial to investigate these claims thoroughly and hold those responsible to account. The American people deserve transparency and integrity from their leaders.

Written by Staff Reports

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