Democrats Misspelled! Are Liberals Losing their Literary Touch?

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about the failing education system in America. This is something that Susie Moore, the Deputy Managing Editor for RedState, is particularly attuned to. As an editor, she is constantly on the lookout for grammar and spelling errors. And it seems that she has stumbled upon a major spelling error made by many on the left – particularly elected officials and legacy media outlets.

According to Moore, these individuals are misspelling a key word that they often claim and cling to – “Democrats.” She points out that those on the left often label anything right of center as “a threat to democracy.” But Moore argues that it isn’t democracy that these things threaten, but rather the Democratic Party.

Moore humorously lists out a series of examples, such as billionaires not being taxed enough or reducing the regulatory state, and says that according to the left, all of these things are threats to democracy. She even jokingly adds that cooking on a gas stove and defending the Bill of Rights are also considered threats to democracy.

In her conservative editorial opinion, Moore suggests that this misspelling of “Democrats” by the left is indicative of the dumbing down of the American populace. She implies that those on the left are so focused on promoting their own agenda that they can’t even spell their own party correctly.

Overall, Moore’s article rewrite encourages readers to take notice of the spelling error made by many on the left and adds a touch of humor to the discussion of the failing education system and the spelling proficiency of elected officials and legacy media outlets.

Written by Staff Reports

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