Tucker Levels WH with Explosive Take on Cocaine Chaos!

Tucker Carlson recently interrogated some of the 2024 Republican presidential candidates at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa and, candidly, may have eliminated a couple in the process, specifically former Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson and former vice president Mike Pence. Carlson was unafraid to put them on the spot and ask some of the questions that we all want the answers to, such as their positions on Ukraine and the culture conflicts.

Carlson was in his element at the Turning Point Action conference. He dissected some of the information gleaned from those interviews and had some joy not "savaging Mike Pence" (while completely savaging Mike Pence). When Carlson queried Pence at the Family Leadership Summit forum about all the material the United States was sending to Ukraine, Pence blundered horribly. What did Pence say in response? Are you kidding me? "That's not my concern." You do not respond in this manner when queried about the United States! I mean, truly, Pence, you had one position!

But wait, it gets even better. Pence and Carlson also discussed religious liberty. Now, religious liberty ought to be a no-brainer for Pence, right? Indeed, it appears not. It was magnificent when Carlson placed him in his place. Pence needs to get his act together if he hopes to compete in the 2024 election.

My favorite portion of Carlson's tirade is the White House narcotics scandal. Someone purportedly left an eight-ball of cocaine in the Biden White House, which you would not believe. I was unable to comprehend it myself! Carlson quipped sarcastically that it is uncharacteristic of the Biden administration, referring to it as a setup. He even mentioned former D.C. mayor Marion Barry. who was discovered smoking cocaine and infamously exclaimed, "You set me up!"Yes, people, we've reached the point where the Biden administration can be compared to a crack-smoking mayor. Bravo!

But let's be honest, the entire cocaine scandal at the White House is a perfect example of the Biden administration's behavior. They are all saying, "We have a plan!" It's incredible! It will absolutely work!" In the meantime, they are ingesting lines of cocaine and reconfiguring everything without regard for reality. I mean, they appear to be living in a fantasy universe! Moreover, guess what? Even the head of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office does not believe the White House's explanation. When you've lost Tucker Carlson and a Mueller loyalist, you realize your credibility has been severely damaged.

But hey, at least we have Tucker Carlson to call out the Biden administration's nonsense and provide us with a nice chuckle. It is a welcome departure from the incessant propaganda we are inundated with by the mainstream media. Therefore, thank you, Tucker Carlson, for keeping it genuine and entertaining us. We need more truth-tellers like you in this insane political universe.

Written by Staff Reports

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