Outrage: Kids’ Hospital Hosts Drag Show, Hands Out Condoms During Event

Everyone is aware that the left loves to deny it, but there are unquestionably people who wish to sexualize our innocent children. For example, a Chicago children's hospital paid one of its employees to perform a transvestite performance in front of children at a school event. Can you imagine it? The hospital, known as Lurie Children's Hospital, paid $500 to cover the expense of the performance, which featured a health educator in costume named Jose Dominguez Magdaleno.

Now, I have no problem with adults expressing themselves in whatever manner they choose in the seclusion of their own residences, but I object to drag performances in front of children. That is simply preposterous! Children should be permitted to be children and not exposed to sexually explicit material. However, the left will attempt to portray this as a celebration of diversity. I need a vacation! There are numerous methods to promote diversity without exposing minors to inappropriate content.

It gets even worse. According to emails obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation, not only did Magdaleno perform in drag, but vendors were permitted to distribute contraceptives to students at the event. Condoms! In addition, the school district was contemplating making Naloxone, a medication used to treat overdoses, available to students. What message does this convey to our children? It is preposterous and a clear illustration of the left's misplaced priorities.

The true kicker, however, is that Lurie Children's Hospital has been discovered promoting sexuality on children before. Just last month, it came to light that the hospital was charging school districts up to $1,500 for a workshop on "inclusive sexual health education practices." In other words, they are advocating for a curriculum that introduces topics such as sexual orientation and anal/oral intercourse to fifth-grade students. And the nerve to label it "inclusive"!

Clearly, there are individuals who seek to sexualize our children and will stop at nothing to advance their agenda. We cannot allow them to manipulate us into embracing this behavior. We must defend the innocence of our young children. The time has come to reject the left's efforts to normalize and expose our children to sexually explicit content. Our children are more deserving than this.

Written by Staff Reports

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