Tucker Nails It: Trump’s NY Fraud Trial Makes Mockery Out Of Justice System

In the latest episode of Tucker Carlson’s show, he exposes the hypocrisy of liberals when it comes to protecting democracy. While they claim to want to prevent the spread of misinformation, they are actually spreading propaganda and suppressing the truth. Similarly, their call for tolerance is overshadowed by their implementation of intolerant institutions. But perhaps the most concerning example of their hypocrisy is their attempt to fortify the election while claiming to protect democracy.

Tucker points out that in a true democracy, citizens have the right to vote for the candidate of their choice. However, liberals are stripping Trump’s name from ballots across the country, despite him being the frontrunner in the presidential race and leading in the polls. This is not democracy; it’s totalitarianism. Liberals are using every tool at their disposal, including a legal barrage of politically motivated charges, to ensure Trump is not elected.

One such example is the “fraud” trial in New York, which started today. The charges against Trump are based on inflated collateral values for loans he has already paid back with interest. No one was defrauded, and yet Trump and his children are facing the loss of their homes and businesses. The demeanor of the New York Attorney General and the judge in the courtroom was unprofessional, with glaring and mugging for the cameras. Tucker rightfully calls this trial a grotesque parody of the legal system our forefathers created.

This is not just about Trump; it’s about the preservation of the United States of America. We are witnessing a revolution, and it’s time to wake up and fight for the survival of our country. The actions of liberals in trying to silence and discredit Trump are a dangerous threat to our legal system and the rule of law. If we don’t stand up now, the country will collapse. It’s time to protect our democracy and ensure that every citizen’s voice is heard.

Written by Staff Reports

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