Turley Backs Trump in Supreme Court Showdown

In a stunning prediction, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley has weighed in on the upcoming Supreme Court hearing regarding the potential disqualification of former President Donald Trump. Turley believes that the Court will focus on the crucial question of whether such a disqualification would be “self-executing.”

The case stems from a Dec. 19 ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court that disqualified Trump from the state’s presidential primary ballot, citing a section of the 14th Amendment. Democratic Secretary of State Shenna Bellows of Maine also declared him ineligible on Dec. 28, though that decision was temporarily halted by a state superior court judge. The Maine Supreme Court has not yet issued a ruling on the matter.

Turley, never one to shy away from offering his opinion, criticized Chief Justice John Roberts for what he deemed a “silly argument” made by Democratic Secretary of State Jana Griswold of Colorado. He emphasized the need for a thorough examination of several key questions in order to disqualify Trump, including whether the 14th Amendment applies to a president, whether it allows unilateral state action, and whether an insurrection has indeed taken place. Turley expressed doubt that these requirements could be met.

As for Chief Justice Roberts, Turley believes he will be keen on achieving a large majority or even unanimity in the Court’s ruling. Turley expects the court to focus on the “self-executing” aspect of the case, as Roberts feels the weight of his position and desires a strong consensus. He believes this is where the best chance for a favorable ruling lies.

Interestingly, special counsel Jack Smith has already secured an indictment against Trump on various charges related to his contestation of the 2020 election results. However, Trump has not been charged with insurrection, a factor that Turley believes weakens the argument for disqualification.

In the end, legal experts are confident that the Supreme Court will ultimately overturn the Colorado court’s ruling. It remains to be seen how the Court will settle the issue of Trump’s potential disqualification and whether they will uphold the rights of the former president.

From a conservative perspective, it is refreshing to see legal experts like Turley questioning the validity and practicality of efforts to disqualify Trump. The case against him appears weak, and it is only fair that the Supreme Court thoroughly examines the legal merits before making any decisions. It is crucial to preserve the integrity of our electoral process and protect the rights of all citizens, regardless of their political party. We will be eagerly awaiting the Court’s ruling and hoping for a fair outcome that upholds the Constitution.

Written by Staff Reports

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