Turley’s Genius Ploy to Delay Trump Trials into Election Season!

Right-wing legal expert Jonathan Turley, a man with arguably more legal prowess than a room full of Supreme Court justices, has weighed in on the recent decision by a federal appellate court rejecting former President Donald Trump’s claims of immunity. In a stunning display of insight and intellectual acumen, Turley argues that Trump’s legal team now has the golden opportunity to delay his federal trials all the way into election season. Talk about fireworks!

According to Turley, Trump has a plethora of options at his disposal to prolong this legal drama. He can now pursue an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court, giving him precious weeks to wriggle out of this tight spot. And if that’s not enough, he can also seek a bench trial with the judges from the U.S. District Court of Washington, D.C., who delivered the ruling. That’s right, folks, Trump can keep the legal ping-pong going for months on end!

But wait, there’s more! Turley breaks it down for us using simple math (an impressive feat for a legal scholar). Even without correcting the appellate court’s opinion, Trump has a solid 45 days to seek an en banc review. And after that, he has a whopping 90 days to lick his wounds and plot his next move. By my calculations, that’s a mind-boggling total of 135 days, or as we like to call it, an eternity in legal terms. It’s like watching a never-ending game of legal Whac-A-Mole!

Now, let’s not forget that Trump’s legal team has already proven their mettle by successfully securing stays in federal criminal matters. These legal geniuses managed to freeze the cases against their client while they argued for immunity. Bravo! If they continue to unleash their legal wizardry, there’s a good chance Trump’s trials could conveniently coincide with the November election. It’s almost poetic, isn’t it? The Department of Justice may have to put their cases on ice, following the time-honored tradition of taking a break before elections.

And if that’s not enough excitement for you, brace yourselves for some nail-biting suspense. After the appellate line is tied off – whatever that means – the parties will have to return to the trial court to resume pre-trial work. Surprise, surprise, that could take months! Imagine the tension building as we get closer and closer to election day. Will Trump’s trials finally commence, or will the DOJ exercise extreme caution and let the political game play out first? Only time will tell!

In the midst of all this legal maneuvering, let’s not forget why Trump finds himself in this predicament in the first place. He’s facing not one, but a staggering 91 felony counts across two cases. That’s right, folks, 91 counts! We’re talking about the January 6th riots at the Capitol and some classified documents found tucked away at Mar-a-Lago. Trump, ever the master of spin, claims that his calls for a march on Washington and subsequent pleas for peace were just the innocent acts of a sitting President, protected by his magical cloak of immunity. And as for those classified documents? Well, he’s got a foolproof defense – he simply declassified them all! Genius, I say.


Written by Staff Reports

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