TV Journalist Flubs Analysis on Trump vs Biden Presidency Popularity

A journalist from a well-known television station made a big mistake while talking about why many Americans think about the years when Donald Trump was president in a positive light, instead of feeling the same way about President Joe Biden’s time in office. The journalist seemed surprised and stumbled while discussing how a poll showed that more people thought Trump did a better job as president.

The journalist shared a strange comparison about remembering the past positively, saying it’s like remembering good times with an old girlfriend even if there were good reasons for the breakup. This comparison didn’t sit well with many people online, who thought it was out of touch.

Some people pointed out the high prices of food and gas under Biden’s administration, showing a clear difference in how people are affected by the current president’s policies. Even Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is from the same political party as Biden, acknowledged the increased prices affecting people’s budgets.

The journalist also tried to blame Trump for events that happened after his presidency, like the protests at the Capitol, even though many experts agree that these events were not directly caused by Trump. On the other hand, issues like inflation, interest rates, and a rise in the number of immigrants in cities are more directly connected to Biden’s time as president.

Biden himself has been considering drastic actions, like closing the border with Mexico, to address the problems caused by a surge in illegal immigration. These actions come after his attempts to change policies through executive orders have faced challenges in the courts.

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