Trump Evades Court Appearance, Keeps Campaign Momentum Strong

Former President Donald Trump has managed to dodge a bullet, or at least a courtroom, in Manhattan. The liberal elites in New York City wanted to drag him into court on Wednesdays for a hush money trial, but Judge Juan Merchan had the decency to give Trump a break. The judge has other court proceedings to attend on Wednesdays, so he’s using that as an excuse to give the former president a little breathing room. It’s good to know that not everyone in New York is out to get him!

It’s not surprising that Trump’s team is making sure that his campaign events are scheduled on Wednesdays. After all, he’s a busy man trying to Make America Great Again! The trial is expected to last six long weeks, so every day away from the courtroom is a win for Team Trump. And now, with Wednesdays off the hook, he can focus on rallying his supporters and fighting for the future of this great country.

But Trump isn’t just sitting around twiddling his thumbs while this trial looms over him. He’s out and about, immersing himself in the heart of New York City. Just the other day, he visited a bodega where a brave clerk defended himself against a would-be robber. It’s clear that Trump is embedded in the New York state of mind, showing that he’s still connected to the people despite the legal battles he’s facing.

And let’s not forget the outrageous charges brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg in this hush money case. It’s obvious that the radical left will stop at nothing to bring down Trump, but their schemes are no match for his resilience and determination. The fact that Trump is still out there, fighting for justice and leading his supporters, is a testament to his unwavering strength and commitment to the American people.

So, while the liberal elites may try to keep Trump tied up in court, he’s not backing down. With jury selection set to resume and Trump front and center, it’s clear that he’s not letting anything distract him from his mission to protect our country and its future. Keep fighting the good fight, Mr. President! The American people are behind you all the way.

Written by Staff Reports

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