UN Chief Rebrands Global Warming, Unveils New Scare Tactic: Global Boiling!

In a dramatic shift of rhetoric, United Nations chief Antonio Guterres has declared that the era of global warming has come to an end and the era of global boiling has now arrived. Guterres used fear as his primary weapon, describing children being swept away by monsoon rains, families fleeing from flames, and workers collapsing in scorching heat. His speech from the U.N. headquarters in New York painted a picture of a world in dire peril.

The UN chief went on to say that unless there is a mini ice age in the coming days, scientists estimate that July 2023 will break records across the board. Guterres stated emphatically, “Climate change is here. It is terrifying, and it is just the beginning.” He warned that the consequences are tragic, with children in danger, families in crisis, and workers suffering in unbearable heat.

Guterres’s alarmist claims were backed by a separate analysis by Leipzig University climate scientist Karsten Haustein, who predicted that July could be the warmest month on record in “thousands if not tens of thousands of years.” However, he admitted that without high-resolution historical temperature records, it is impossible to know for certain if this July is truly unprecedented.

It is not surprising that Guterres is pushing the climate change agenda once again. He has been sounding the alarm for years, warning of climate chaos and claiming that humanity is on a highway to climate hell. He consistently promotes the idea that global action is urgently needed to combat climate change.

However, these fearmongering tactics are nothing new. Guterres’s apocalyptic predictions may grab headlines, but they do little to provide an honest and balanced assessment of the climate situation. It is important to approach these claims with skepticism and not allow ourselves to be manipulated by fear. While climate change is a real concern, it is crucial to separate fact from alarmism and make informed decisions based on scientific evidence, rather than emotive rhetoric.

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