Unhinged Florida Dem Sides with Anti-Gun Radicals in Wild House Hearing

Democratic Florida Rep. Maxwell Frost proved his allegiance to the anti-gun agenda by siding with disruptive protesters during a Thursday hearing conducted jointly by the House Judiciary and Oversight and Government Accountability committees. One of the protesters, the mother of one of the victims of a tragic school shooting, identified herself and her husband as gun control activists from the March For Our Lives organization, which Frost serves as National Organizing Director.

The protesters’ disruptive outbursts not only breached decorum, but also breached the rules that govern House proceedings. During the hearing, Capitol Police officers removed the protesters from the room, causing a scene with other activists jeering at the law enforcement officers. Frost, rather than asking for the preservation of decorum and due process, instead directed the other protesters back into the hearing, holding up the proceedings.

Republican Texas Rep. Pat Fallon, the chairman of the House Oversight Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Energy Policy, and Regulatory Affairs, condemned Frost and his anti-gun allies for applauding the disruptive behavior of the protesters. Fallon rightly pointed out that “to be that narcissistic, to breach decorum and disrupt proceedings shouldn’t be applauded and it sure, as hell shouldn’t be applauded by members of this committee” and called for “spirited exchange of ideas,” which would have been possible if Frost and his crew hadn’t behaved like petulant children.

It should be noted that the protesters were not necessarily invited to attend the hearing, but rather chose to attend on their own accord. While Capitol hearing rooms are open to the public, the decorum that is expected of attendees should not be overlooked. Frost, and others like him, should expect that disruptions and breach of decorum will not be tolerated at future hearings. The American people deserve better than disorder, loud behavior, and disregard for due process.

Written by Staff Reports

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