Biden Admin’s Shocking Priority: LGBTQ+ Rights Above Foreign Policy

In a recent press briefing, John Kirby, a national security advisor to President Joe Biden, openly claimed that promoting LGBTQ+ rights is a “core part of our foreign policy.” Kirby made these comments in response to a question regarding the proposed legislation in Uganda, which seeks to criminalize homosexuality.

Kirby apparently confirmed that the Ugandan Parliament voted for an “anti-homosexuality bill” and will participate in a conference that could lead to more such proposals in several other African countries. According to sources, Russia might be playing an important role in fostering anti-LGBTQ sentiment in Africa and using it as a wedge against the US.

The reporter asked Kirby whether this would affect the US’s relationship with Africa, to which Kirby answered that it was undoubtedly troubling, and added that the Biden administration stands for human rights, and “LGBTQ+ rights are human rights.”

Kirby then went on to say that the US government would never shy away from speaking out in support of such rights, and that promoting LGBTQ+ rights on a global scale is a fundamental part of their foreign policy.

It’s abundantly clear that the Biden administration is turning their backs on traditional values and is now aggressively promoting the LGBTQ+ agenda abroad. This sort of agenda is unacceptable, and, even if we believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, that doesn’t mean forcing the LGBTQ+ agenda on other nations or people who disagree with it.

Given Kirby’s comments, it’s evident that the Biden administration is more interested in making the LGBTQ+ community feel acknowledged than approaching foreign policy from a strategic perspective. How can such a narrow-minded agenda promote constructive relationships with international partners, rather than furthering cultural division?

Written by Staff Reports

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