Utah Defies Biden’s Title IX Rule, Upholds Biological Sex Law

Utah lawmakers have taken a stand, showing that common sense still has a place in American governance. Despite President Joe Biden’s attempt to unravel traditional norms with his new Title IX rule, which lets transgender students use any restroom they please, Utah will abide by state law requiring students to use the facilities aligning with their biological sex.

Governor Spencer Cox called a special legislative session to figure out if the Utah Constitutional Sovereignty Act could be put to good use. Spoiler alert: it can. The Utah legislature swiftly passed two resolutions affirming that state law holds more water than this federal overreach.

Meanwhile, a block party at Bonneville Elementary School saw parents and students rallying behind their definition of inclusivity, supporting trans and nonbinary students and staff. They seem to be throwing a celebration for ignoring the very roots of biological fact, but freedom of expression is alive and well in America, even when it’s nonsensical.

Republican state Rep. Kera Birkeland, during a Business and Labor Interim Committee hearing, made it clear: Utah isn’t about to let Title IX be twisted into an excuse for undermining state laws. They intend for state law to be observed and enforced in schools, sending a strong message against the federal government’s attempt to redefine gender.

Naturally, Utah House Democrats were predictably upset. They churned out a statement claiming that the new Title IX rules don’t harm women or girls, arguing that transgender youth are just trying to live their lives. This might be the same line they’ve parroted before, but Utah lawmakers aren’t buying it.

Biden’s administration thought they could change the definition of sex under Title IX regulations to include gender identity and sexual orientation and not face any pushback. Newsflash: Utah’s restroom law, passed in January, says otherwise. This also includes a law restricting biological men from competing in women’s sports, currently on hold pending a lawsuit. This saga isn’t over, but for now, Utah stands firm against Washington’s woke agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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