VIDEO: Paul Pelosi’s Hammer Attack Footage And What It Reveals

The body cam footage of Paul Pelosi's home invasion last October has been released. The incident led to various conspiracy theories. Some of these revolved around the relationship between the former House speaker and the intruder.

The footage shows Pelosi opening the door and struggling with David DePape, who was holding a hammer. The former House speaker suffered a brain injury during the incident. Initial reports claimed that the incident was not a forced entry, though footage from the security cameras at the house showed DePape smashing a window.

Several news organizations sued for the release of all the audio and video evidence related to the incident. A judge ruled this week that the tapes should be released.

"""The footage, which was obtained by NBC affiliate KNTV, showed the police arriving at Pelosi's home. As they enter, Pelosi is seen standing next to DePape. The two men are holding hammers.

The footage was released after a group of news organizations, which includes NBC News, asked the judge overseeing the case against DePape to make the footage public.

Officials from the San Francisco District Attorney's Office had argued that the footage should not be made public, as it could be manipulated to create false information.

The news organizations, however, argued that the footage should be released to prevent the spread of false information. Judge Stephen Murphy ruled in favor of the media organizations on Wednesday, noting that the evidence, which included Pelosi's 911 call, was played in open court during a preliminary hearing.

The 42-year-old DePape was charged with various offenses. Some of these included assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse. He also threatened a public official."""

It was initially reported that DePape was armed with a hammer and wore nothing but his underwear when he entered the house. However, as the footage shows, Mr. Pelosi was not shown wearing any pants prior to the incident.

In the call, which was made from her home, Pelosi can be heard asking about the status of the Capitol Police. During the conversation, DePape identified himself as a friend of Pelosi. He was then ordered to stop the call.

Right-wing nutjob David DePape was first depicted as a dangerous individual who stalked Nancy Pelosi. He was looking for the former House speaker, who was residing in Washington, DC. Unfortunately, he was suffering from a mental illness.

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