WATCH: Biden Dodges Questions On Giving ‘Merchant Of Death’ Back To Russia

In his speech, Biden said that the goal of his administration was to create a stronger economy for workers.

In order to create a stronger economy, Biden said that his administration would provide a $36 billion bailout to the Central States Pension Fund.

In addition, Biden said that he would give the unions another payoff due to their failure to negotiate for paid sick leave.

After stumbling through his speech, Biden turned around and ignored the reporters. They then asked about the Brittney Griner trade.

In a deal that caught the attention of the media, Biden revealed that he traded Russian fugitive Viktor Bout for American marijuana smoker Brittney Griner.

Despite the details of the deal, only a Democrat would think that it was a good trade. Paul Tyson, a former US Marine who was also imprisoned in Russia, is still missing.

Joe Biden did not care about the questions about the deal, which involved trading a criminal to a marijuana smoker.


According to Jean-Pierre, "the family's choice was to bring Brittney home or not bring her back."

The president is still working on getting Paul Tyson's release. He said that he would continue to do so. On a personal note, KJP noted that Brittney is an inspiration to women and LGBTQI+ Americans.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on The Gateway Pundit.

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