Hot Mic Catches Liberal Ranting About Tucker Carlson and Fox

Francis Ellis, a regular Fox News contributor and the host of the Barstool Sports program, was outed as a elitist in a hot mic situation during a recent appearance on Jesse Watters Primetime.

Mediaite reported that Ellis was interviewed on the "Barstool Rundown," which was a follow-up to his appearance on Watters' show. During the interview, he was asked about his recent appearance on Fox News.

It was later revealed that Ellis' outburst was caught on camera due to an editing error. He had apparently not realized that he was on camera when he ranted on Tucker Carlson and other prominent Fox News personalities.

According to Mike Sington, an NBC News reporter, Ellis was caught on camera saying that Fox was "trafficking in hate". He was also caught on a hot mic criticizing the hosts and regular guests of Fox News.

After admitting that he couldn't get his feet under him during their exchange, Ellis said that Watters asked him what he would do if he were offered a man-on-the-street gig. This was the type of gig that helped boost the popularity of Watters, who was a regular on Fox News under Bill O'Reilly.

Adam Ferrone, a co-host of the "Barstool Rundown," asked Ellis if he would accept an offer to do a segment on the show. He said that he already turned down an opportunity to do "man-on-the-street" material.

Fox News had allowed Ellis to push his projects on several occasions, and he became very critical of the network.

After talking to his wife about his appearance on Watters' show, Ellis revealed that she told him that she was disappointed by his performance. He also said that she watched the rest of the show and called Watters a "f***ing joke."

During the interview, Adam Ferrone noted that the segment was still part of the "Barstool Rundown". He said that the various negative comments that Ellis made were being recorded.

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